Secure Mail™ & Secure Photo™

SecureMail and SecurePhoto are fast, easy, and affordable ways to send email messages and digital photos to incarcerated friends and family members at facilities that provide these services. Standard mail can take three to five days to arrive, then longer to get through the facility’s approval process. With Secure Mail and Secure Photo, your email and digital photos arrive at the facility in real-time, and are usually approved and delivered to the inmate within 24 hours.


Depending on what technologies the facility offers, your loved one may have a number of ways to access the email and/or photos. The mail can be printed, forwarded for viewing on the Edge™ kiosk, or downloaded to the resident’s MP3 player. Whatever the case, Secure Mail and Secure Photo are quick, convenient ways to stay in close touch with your incarcerated loved one at facilities that provide these services. 


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