Debit Telephone Account

Would you like a convenient way to purchase prepaid phone services for your incarcerated friend or loved one? Setting up a free Debit Telephone Account is a quick, easy and convenient way to allow your loved one to call ANY phone number that is not blocked by the facility.

You can purchase prepaid phone services for the inmate's Debit Telephone Account in three different ways: online, phone or by mail. Yes, it’s that easy.

1)   Online (click here): The fastest and easiest way to set up an account and purchase prepaid phone services is our Online Payment Processing Service. This service allows you to conveniently purchase prepaid phone services using a credit or debit card. As soon as your payment is completed, the inmate will be able to make phone calls to any numbers which are not restricted by the facility, including your phone number.

2)   By Phone: You can also call our toll-free customer service center at 1 (888) 506-8407. Customer Care Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your questions and process your purchase.

3)   By Mail:  If you want to purchase prepaid phone services for an inmate's Debit Telephone Account using a check or money order, please mail to:
             Attn: Customer Service Department/Debit Telephone Account
             2200 Danbury Street
             San Antonio, TX 78217

When purchasing prepaid phone services through a mail-in purchase, please be sure to include with your payment:

-           Your Name

-           Your Address

-           Your daytime Telephone Number

-           Name of the Facility

-           Inmate’s Name

-           Inmate’s Facility ID Number

If you have any questions, you can speak with a customer care representative by calling 1.888.506.8407. We are available 24 hours a day, every day! Call us today.

Please click here to learn more about this calling service.