About Us


Founded in 2002, Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions) has become the leading provider of innovative telecommunications products, providing cutting edge technology and exceptional customer service to the corrections industry. We are currently servicing more than 260,000 inmates in over 230 correctional facilities nationwide, including 6 statewide Department of Corrections prison systems.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of TKC Holdings, we bring unparalleled technical, financial and personnel resources to each and every endeavor we pursue. Our products and services are developed to meet the unique needs of the corrections industry, providing reliable features built with the flexibility to continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing industry demands including:

  • A superior call-control platform;
  • Flexible administrative capabilities;
  • Extensive fraud prevention features;
  • Advanced investigative tools;
  • Continuous voice biometric identification; and
  • An all-encompassing, customizable visitation system.


ICSolutions believes the cornerstone of a lasting partnership is exceptional customer service. We make it our top priority to focusing squarely on the unique needs of each correctional facility. Our service commitment includes:

  • Carefully planned and coordinated service transition;
  • Dedicated account management;
  • 24/7/365 technical support;
  • A nationwide network of local repair technicians
  • Ongoing software upgrades at no cost; and
  • Onsite and/or online training, as needed.

We understand the balance between call cost and facility commissions and will customize a plan, incorporating technology features, calling rates, funding fees and a commission percentage that meets your specific objectives.


We deliver on our promise to increase your revenue by providing inmates’ families and friends with flexible payment options and real-time access to live payment agents. Our program includes:

  • A complimentary conversation with the first call completion;
  • Flexible calling rates and commission plans;
  • Multiple account funding options;
  • 24/7/365 customer support from bilingual (English and Spanish) agents;
  • A real-time revenue audit trail; and
  • A proven ability to significantly increase call completions.

To learn how we can enhance your inmate communications processes, contact us today at 800.661.3845.