Staff Training

Facility user training is provided at no cost as a standard part of our implementation process. ICSolutions’ goal is to familiarize facility personnel with daily system functions, blocks, reports and investigative tools, as well as emergency system shut down. ICSolutions understands that different user groups sometimes have different training needs. As such, multiple classes can be scheduled and customized to fit each user group’s particular needs.

ICSolutions prepares a customized hands-on training curriculum for each facility served. Classes are scheduled to fit each facility’s preferences and to accommodate staff schedules. ICSolutions often schedules training in shifts so that facility staff can receive training during their normal work hours.        


The ENFORCER® calling platform is an intuitive, point-and-click system that requires no special codes, commands or advanced computer knowledge to learn and use. The user-friendly nature of the ENFORCER® makes it easy to understand and minimizes staff training time. However, follow-up training may be needed occasionally to train new users or to keep veteran users up to date on the ENFORCER®’s latest enhancements. Follow-up training can be provided in person or via WebEx and is always provided at no cost to our clients. In addition, an up-to-date User Guide is always accessible online through the ENFORCER® Help system.