Flexible Calling Options

ICSolutions offers flexible calling options to connect inmates with their loved ones, regardless of what type of telephone the call recipients use. Our standard services include traditional Collect calling, Prepaid Collect, and Debit calling.

With Collect calling, inmate calls are billed on the call recipient’s regular monthly telephone bill. This type of calling is best for landline telephones at the recipient’s residence. Many phone service options – such as cellular phones, VoIP phones and business phones – are unable to accept Collect calls because their telephone service provider will not process this type of call.

To enable calling to these telephone numbers, we offer Prepaid Collect and Debit calling. These types of calls are paid for using an account that is funded in advance. Loved ones can fund prepaid accounts using credit or debit cards (over the phone or via website), Western Union or check or money order (U.S. Mail).

“Prepaid Collect” describes an account that is set up, funded and owned by the call recipient. It is tied to one telephone number and allows any inmate to place calls to that phone number. “Debit” describes an account that is set up and owned by an inmate and can be used to call any facility-approved phone number. Debit accounts can be funded by the inmate – typically through a commissary purchase for Debit calling time – or by friends and family.

When Keefe Commissary Network’s (KCN) KeepTrak Banking System is also in place, ICSolutions can provide our integrated DirectLink Cardless Debit calling option. This form of Debit calling is unique in that it allows inmates to use funds in their Trust Account to pay for Debit calls. Funds are debited directly from the Trust Account upon call completion. By using this method, no separate Debit account needs to be created, funded or closed upon release – benefitting the facility by simplifying the release and refund process.