Commissary Services

When you’re ready to turn over the operation of your commissary, you can count on Keefe Commissary Network (KCN) as your dependable partner. KCN, the nation’s leading privatized commissary provider is an affiliate of the Keefe Group and sister company to ICSolutions. KCN has grown exponentially since 1993 and now serves more inmates each week than all of our competitors combined. Because we listen closely to our customers’ needs and write and support all of our own software, KCN has set the industry standards for commissary technology. Whether your facility houses 50 or 10,000 inmates, KCN offers the flexibility and convenience you need to manage your commissary.


We take tremendous pride in providing you with unparalleled service.

•   Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority.

•   We have the most experienced staff in the industry.

•   Our employees are results-oriented and reliable.

•   We offer ongoing training to all of our staff.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We write, own and support all our commissary and banking software.

•   We develop our technology according to what our customers need/request.

•   With our software, you can access all inmate information from one screen.

•   We provide our own live, 24/7 customer service; there’s never third-party support.


Because we serve only the corrections industry, safety and security are our highest priorities.

•   Our corrections-friendly packaging is clear and flexible.

•   Our employees undergo thorough background screenings and drug testing.

•   Our warehouses are equipped with security cameras, have only one entry and exit and are locked down.

•   We ensure all tools are checked in and out.

Comprehensive, Flexible Solutions

•   The most consistent characteristic of KCN installations is that every one is unique.

•   We always ensure that the delivery plan matches your facility and inmates’ needs—there’s no “one size fits all” approach.

•   We give you seven different ways to place orders: manual, kiosk order entry, point-of-sale, bag and deliver, on-site, optical scanner or cart sales.

Unmatched Industry Experience

We have a proven track record for exceptional service and innovation in the corrections industry.

•   We’re the market leader in contract commissary services, with over half a million inmates under contract and served weekly.

•   We have proven seamless transition and training from 25 to 90,000 inmates.

•   We work with 10 of 11 state departments of corrections that have chosen to outsource commissary, and serve 98% of all outsourced state DOC inmates (more than 275,000 weekly).