Inmate Banking

If you are looking to find out more about inmate banking, ICSolutions can help through its’ sister company, Keefe Commissary Network.  KCN’s mission is to understand what correctional facilities need to operate more safely and efficiently, and then to deliver cutting-edge products and services that meet those needs. Toward that end, we’ve developed our KeepTrak® software system, which provides the technology and customer support you need to efficiently manage your commissary operation and inmate accounts.

KeepTrak®’s comprehensive Inmate Banking, Commissary and Edge Kiosk technologies are designed with user friendliness and customization in mind. You can set up custom accounts, journals and reports that fit your unique needs, whether you’re managing inmate funds, medical bills or commissary orders. Our full-time software development team is dedicated to product advancement that meets your evolving needs.

KeepTrak® Inmate Banking

KeepTrak® Inmate Banking includes three key modules that offer a myriad of banking functions:

The Inmate Accounting Module Offering convenient and flexible booking and releasing of inmates, processing of financial transactions and reviewing all residential transactions.

The Bank Reconciliation Module Matches bank transactions to banking statement totals, allows users to enter bank statement data, clears and voids transactions and prints reconciliation reports.

The Visual General Ledger A ledger that is both a journal and a report generator, allowing users to setup a chart of accounts, create transactions and utilize a full range of content sensitive reports such as trial balance and transaction history.

KeepTrak® Commissary

With KeepTrak®’s Commissary Module, you can manage your commissary with ease and flexibility. You can add items, create and modify spending groups, and accept order requests from inmates through scan forms, phones or kiosks, among other methods.