Centralized Call Processing

ICSolutions provides a completely centralized inmate telephone system solution, with all data sessions hosted and records stored at our San Antonio Corporate Data Center. In addition, failover call processing and backup storage is hosted at the Keefe Data Center located more than 900 miles away in St. Louis, Missouri. ICSolutions is the only vendor that confidently offers a 99.999% guaranteed system uptime and no loss of data due to multiple layers of redundancy.

With ICSolutions’ centralized architecture, our clients get the benefits of truly unlimited, scalable storage and unlimited access for any number of ENFORCER® users with no degradation of service or capacity constraints. Our client’s facilities are connected by an always-on, fully-managed, secure WAN to our data center where all the call-processing, recording and investigative applications operate in our Tier 1 secure data centers, which are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can install software updates, expand capacity, perform preventative maintenance and investigate service calls – all without ever having to disturb your onsite operations.

By maintaining key system components in our secure data centers, the centralized ENFORCER® platform reduces the space and energy requirements at correctional facilities; and it necessitates less onsite installation and maintenance work.