Products & Services

ICSolutions offers solutions for total inmate management, from booking to release. While the core of our business is Inmate Telephone Service, we can provide a host of ancillary services; some built in to our ENFORCER® calling platform and some provided through our trusted corrections-industry partners. To name just a few of the services we offer:

 ·        Automated Information Line
·         Cell Phone Detection & Control
·         Commissary Services
·         Inmate Banking
Inmate Telephone Service
·         Inmate Voicemail & Email
·         Jail Management System
·         Keyword Search
·         Kiosks – Booking, Lobby & Pod
·         Link Analysis
·         Officer Check-In
·         Over-the-Phone Commissary Ordering
·         Phone and Web-based Deposit Services
·         Video Visitation

If the technology exists, we can make it work with our Inmate Telephone System!

Our ENFORCER® calling platform features an open architecture that allows it to accept data in virtually any format. That means we can interface easily with other third-party and in-house systems to create fully integrated, customized solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.