Inmate & Family Education

ICSolutions offers several solutions to ensure our telephone users also have a transparent transition to the new system. First, we coordinate with the each new client approximately three weeks before cutover, arranging for ICSolutions personnel to distribute educational posters in both the inmate housing areas (if allowed) and lobbies, as well as to distribute brochures in the lobby.


Posters identify the upcoming transition date, calling rates and ICSolutions’ name and toll-free customer service number for friends and family to set up prepaid accounts. Also one week prior to cutover, we activate prepaid account functionality so that friends and family can set up their accounts ahead of time. Any and all signage and brochures are approved by the Facility prior to distribution.

ICSolutions can also provide written instructions on the phones and we use clear and simple voice prompts, in five 5 different languages, to guide inmates through the calling process. Call recipients whose phones cannot accept collect calls are given a free call, followed by an automatic transfer to a live agent to explain payment options and assist with prepaid account setup.