Video Visitation

ICSolutions offers an innovative video visitation solution as an alternative to traditional, face-to-face inmate visitation. The video visitation system is manufactured to corrections grade, designed to withstand abuse and provide safe, secure equipment for the intended use within inmate housing units, cellblocks and visitation areas. Additionally, the visitation kiosks are powered over Ethernet (POE), thereby avoiding the cost and operational disruption of installing a traditional alternating current (AC) power infrastructure. The video visitation system includes a recording and monitoring feature, similar to that of the inmate telephone system, and is deployed on an independent network ensuring digital audio and video traffic never touches a facility's mission-critical data network.

The video visitation system offers many standard and optional features which provide facilities, families and inmates creative solutions to their communication needs. One standard feature of the video visitation system includes a comprehensive visitation scheduling component for video, traditional face-to-face and contact inmate visitation, enabling visitors to electronically register, schedule and even check-in for visitation sessions from any internet connected device or an onsite workstation located in the facility visitor lobby. Multi-functional housing kiosks provide the option to add ancillary services such as inmate calling, commissary services, inmate requests, grievances and inmate email.

The video visitation system provides added value and security to a facility which is immediately demonstrated upon implementation. Facilities will quickly notice a decrease in human resource costs and improved security for jail personnel and the public because the video visitation system removes the necessity to transport inmates for traditional, onsite visitation and instead allows inmates to conduct video visitation sessions with friends and family members from a corrections grade kiosk, without ever leaving their housing units or cellblocks. The video visitation system allows friends and family members to conduct onsite video visitation sessions from a kiosk in the facility's visitation area, or offsite video visitation sessions from the comfort of the visitor's home using a personal computer or laptop.