Remote Access

ICSolutions takes pride in offering solutions to our clients’ everyday problems. One way ICSolutions does this is by offering a simple way to access the ENFORCER® calling system remotely. The ENFORCER® is configured to be accessible remotely over LAN, WAN or VPN to ensure availability of recording and call record data from any point or location. Anyone with the proper log-on credentials, granted by an administrator, as well as access to the Internet can easily access the system from any computer running a modern web browser.

In addition, a virtually unlimited number of investigators can access the system remotely at the same time without impacting ongoing system operations or performance. While connected, users may monitor live conversations, access recordings, search system data and generate reports just as if they were onsite.

Remote access can even facilitate cooperative investigations among law enforcement and corrections agencies. Facility administrators can provide external agencies (FBI, other counties, other states, etc.) with the tools to access restricted information in the ENFORCER®. While some other vendors do provide data sharing with external investigators, they do not give the facility any control over what information each external user can access. With the ENFORCER®, facility administrators have fine control over what data users can see. Facility administrators can allow an external law enforcement agent to view, listen to and/or download only the data and call recordings that the facility wants to share with that agency.