Keyword Search by Nexidia

ICSolutions is proud to offer our clients Nexidia Keyword Search, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art word search technology that creates the most accurate index possible for any spoken content. ICSolutions has integrated this technology into its the ENFORCER® platform allowing its clients to quickly scans large volumes of call recordings to locate particular words or phrases utilizing phonemes – the sounds that make up words.

Compared to the speech recognition and speech-to-text engines used by nearly all other speech technology vendors, Nexidia’s phonetic indexing and search approach provides far greater scalability in the amount of audio that can be made searchable.  Nexidia indexes 100% of the content so that every second is always immediately searchable thereby enabling the user to handle large sets of content quickly and efficiently.  Nexidia also supports all types of audio qualities, accents and formats with ease. Currently, Nexidia supports 35 different languages from around the world and can accept audio input, video input and meta-data from practically any type of recording platform.