Call Alerts

ICSolutions has built comprehensive Alert functionality into the ENFORCER® that aids investigators in up-to-the-minute inmate telephone activity. The ENFORCER® alerts can be placed on specific Inmate PINs, or specific destination numbers to indicate that the inmate or number is currently involved in a conversation.  The ENFORCER® will then automatically call an investigator or send SMS (text), e-mail or pager alerts to notify an investigator of the conversation in progress. By entering a security passcode via their phone, Investigators can be instantly connected to the call for live monitoring.

ICSolutions’ unique “Find Me, Follow Me” service allows the alerting application to call multiple investigator telephone numbers (such as an office number, mobile number and home number), trying each number in succession until the Investigator answers and enters the correct access code. This feature dramatically increases the probability than an Investigator will be located and can monitor a call of interest while it is still in progress.

In addition, ICSolutions also offers alerts based on financial triggers, such as deposits made to a particular inmate’s account or deposits made to multiple accounts from one source. Detailed information about the account holder and funding source is emailed to the designated Investigator, enabling the Investigator to identify possible connections among one or more inmates and parties of interest outside the jail.