Visitation Phone Monitoring & Recording

The ENFORCER® system offers the ability to provide recording and monitoring for the facility’s visitation booths. Wiring between the visitation booths and the phone room must be in place to connect these phones to the ENFORCER®. Visitation booths are assigned a station ID to give investigators access to the live conversations and recordings, just as if they were monitoring a standard inmate telephone call. All live monitoring, recording playback, call control and investigative tools available on    standard inmate phones are also available on visitation phones.

All call monitoring – whether a visitation session or for standard inmate telephone calls – is silent and undetectable by either the inmate or the visitor.  A virtually unlimited number of monitoring sessions can occur at the same time without any impact to ongoing call processing or recording.  In addition to being silent and undetectable, ICSolutions also provides a bevy of additional functionalities including: a search ability to isolate visitation calls of interest, the ability to remotely monitor calls, the ability to disconnect a visitation session in progress while monitoring and the ability to “barge in” on calls in order to speak to both parties.