Link Analysis

In order to bring the latest in intelligence gathering to client facilities using our calling and payment services, ICSolutions offers Link Analysis, our data mining solution specifically designed for our services. This tool is designed with the investigative needs of the corrections market in mind.

Utilizing Link Analysis, authorized facility staff can query varying degrees of separation in order to establish links from inmate to inmate, inmate to end user or end user to end user. Links are established when an end user (outside the facility) interacts with one or more inmates through the ENFORCER® system, or when multiple end users interact with the same inmate(s). These linked “interactions” can include receiving phone calls, depositing funds into an inmate’s account or participating in any other optional service offered by ICSolutions – such as inmate email, inmate voicemail or onsite visitation (when visitation phones are connected to the ENFORCER® for monitoring/recording).