System Integrations

The ENFORCER® features an open architecture that allows it to easily integrate with other correctional systems. The ENFORCER® can accept data in virtually any format, affording it great flexibility in interfacing with other vendors to automate the flow of information across multiple facility systems. Interfacing with JMS, Commissary, Inmate Banking and other systems reduces the data entry burden on facility staff, ensures data consistency across disparate information sets and allows vendors to work together to provide the broadest range of products and services to facility staff and constituents.

ICSolutions can interface with a facility’s Jail Management System (JMS) to allow automatic PIN generation and automatic updates to inmate information in the ENFORCER®. The inmate will be assigned a PIN at the time of booking so that he or she may begin making calls right away. In addition, should an inmate’s status change (e.g., they are transferred to another facility or released), or if their personal information changes, these changes can be automatically updated in the ENFORCER® when they are entered into the JMS.

The ENFORCER®’s open architecture gives it the flexibility to accept data in virtually any format. With our dedicated in-house team of software engineers and network architects, we guarantee our ability to create customized interfaces with a facility’s other vendors to support our full range of premium integrated services. System integrations allow us to eliminate paperwork, increase calling and commission revenues and improve service for our client facilities.