Cell Phone Control

The problem with illegal cell phones is a growing concern in many correctional facilities across the United States. Inmates find many resourceful ways to smuggle cell phones into facilities, and once inside, this contraband cell phone is a serious security threat. Inmates use illegal cell phones to speak to unapproved call recipients and have conversations that are unmonitored, unrecorded and circumvent all security controls at the facility. Inmates have used contraband cell phones to commit crime from inside their jail cells –including threatening witnesses and even ordering ‘hits’ on members of the public or opposing gang members.  

At our client’s request, ICSolutions can offer multiple options for cell phone detection and control – running the gamut from merely detecting the presence of one or more cell phones, to detecting and locating each phone, to actually managing all cell phone usage inside the jail.

ICSolutions does not believe there is a single one-size-fits-all solution to the problem of illegal cell phone use in correctional facilities. Therefore, we can offer a range of options – some that might work best as a stand-alone application and others that might achieve the best results when used in concert with other types of detection, location or cell signal management technologies.