Records Seal

In a court case related to a criminal charge against an incarcerated inmate, a court judge can order the non-availability or “sealing” of all inmate records or selected inmate call information. To enable a correctional facility to comply with such a court order, the ENFORCER® enables an authorized user to perform two different types of record sealing requests:

Full Records Seal – Seal all records for an inmate, including the Inmate Profile, all Call Detail Records (CDRs), all call recordings and any inmate data otherwise available to the ENFORCER® reporting functions. In other words, every piece of inmate information in the ENFORCER® is sealed completely.

Partial Records Seal – Seal CDRs and call recordings only for a selected date range. This date range can be mandated by the court for a time window associated with events related to the case. All CDRs and call recordings that do not fall within the date range are still accessible for user queries and the ENFORCER® reporting.

Authorization to request either type of record seal must be set up by the ENFORCER® Site Administrator for a designated user.  Although sealed records are still stored in the ENFORCER®, they cannot be retrieved unless a written request is provided to ICSolutions by an appropriately authorized representative of the customer.