Company Profile

Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC (dba ICSolutions) was organized in August 2002, exclusively to provide inmate telecommunications services in the corrections industry. For more than a decade, ICSolutions has proven our ability to provide exceptional service and technology to the law enforcement and corrections marketplace. ICSolutions currently provides service to more than 150 correctional facilities across the United States.

ICSolutions has built its business upon outstanding customer service and, as a result, we are proud to have a consistently growing client base and a service record that is second to none.

Our company headquarters is located in San Antonio, TX, with offices in California, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Dallas TX. Additionally, we field technicians and site administrators stationed across the country.  With nearly 100 product engineers, technical service specialists, customer care representatives and other support personnel, ICSolutions works daily to meet our customers’ needs and improve our products and services.

In November 2010, ICSolutions was acquired by TKC Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Keefe Commissary Network and Keefe Supply Company, the nation’s largest commissary provider. The TKC Holdings companies bring a tremendous depth to ICSolutions’ operations and provide strategic financial resources as well as synergistic supply-chain relationships. We were already one of the fastest growing inmate calling providers in the country – and now we are backed by the experience and financial strength of the nation’s largest commissary company.

ICSolutions’ focus is on providing a secure and feature-rich inmate calling system, and we continue to innovate and expand our offerings. Today we provide not only the latest generation of The ENFORCER®, but also a customizable total inmate communications and payments solution which can include lobby deposit kiosks, inmate housing side kiosks, email and more—at each facility’s discretion, advanced biometric tools and unique investigative functions, video visitation, cutting-edge investigative tools, and full integrations with other jail systems, such as JMS, commissary and banking systems.