Phone and Web-based Deposit Services

Now inmates’ family and friends have the flexibility to deposit funds in more convenient ways, increasing spendable cash in the inmate’s account and, ultimately, affording greater inmate spending and return to the facility. The best part is, this service is completely FREE to all correctional facilities.


Benefits of Secure Deposits:

• All funds deposited to the inmate’s account are GUARANTEED.

• The need for facility staff to handle cash and money orders is eliminated.

• Our Data Detective™ software automatically identifies those on the outside who have interacted with multiple inmates.

• The workload of mail room and accounting staff is reduced.

• Exposure to fraud/counterfeit money is eliminated.

• The kiosk takes a photo of each depositor for potential investigative purposes.

• Real-time posting of funds is available.


Friends and family members have several options for depositing funds:


Toll-Free Number – Our multiple call centers allow us to provide prompt, uninterrupted service, while our highly qualified and bilingual agents provide exceptional support to our diverse phone customers.

Online – Our website is available 24/7. After users set up an account, they’ll have online access to details on all previously placed deposit amounts, dates and times.

Lobby Kiosk – Many of our customers have eliminated handling deposits at their facilities by installing our lobby deposit kiosks. The kiosks accept cash, credit and debit cards.